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If you just bought a new puppy or adopted an older dog then the chances are good that you are probably trying to figure out the perfect name for your new four-legged baby. Well, one of the best ways to pick the perfect name is to consider all of the things that you like or enjoy. If you are a fan of iconic television and you enjoy the classic sitcom show Bewitched, then why not pick a moniker from the show?

The sitcom Bewitched was first released in 1964. It ran for eight seasons until its cancellation in 1972. However, despite being cancelled the series lives on in syndication and is continuously played on many classic television stations around the world. Fans can also purchase all of the seasons on DVD.

The storyline of Bewitched revolves around a witch named Samantha (played by Elizabeth Montgomery), who meets and falls in love with a mortal named Darrin (played by Dick York and Dick Sargent for the last three seasons). Samantha promises to lead a normal life with her mortal husband but her mother Endora (played by Agnes Moorehead) and her many other magical relatives all interfere to create many plots and twists.

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Bewitched Inspired Dog Name Considerations

There is no doubt that the whimsical episodes of Bewitched hold a special appeal for many people even decades after the series came to a close. The simple story lines hold a certain magic that is often lacking in today’s world. Instead of making witches appear ugly and scary, Bewitched portrayed them as simple humans with flaws but who just happen to have a bevy of magical talents. It is their use of magic that lands the cast of the series into one adventure after another.

If you are a diehard Bewitched fan then it is only natural to want to name your beloved four-legged buddy after the cast of characters and their endless adventures. You can opt to choose names that belay the plot’s many twists and turns, or you can focus on character names. You can also name your pooch after the actors and crew who made the entire series a reality.

There is very little doubt that Bewitched would not have continued to run for so many episodes if it had not been for the talented Elizabeth Montgomery or Agnes Moorehead. Without their superior acting abilities and mass appeal,  the show would have probably fallen by the roadside. Even when Dick York announced he would be leaving the show due to health reasons, the sitcom still maintained its viewership as they brought in a new actor Dick Sargent, to replace York. The change in Darrin’s character barely created a stumbling block for the show’s fans who continued to tune in each week to see what was happening in the Stephen’s household.

There are numerous names that are Bewitched related to choose for your pooch. Let your furry buddy’s name reflect your favorite aspects of the sitcom.

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