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The Wind in the Willows was written by Kenneth Grahame in 1908. It started out as a collection of letters that he was writing to his son, Alastair, while he was away at boarding school, and blossomed into a story that has gone on to inspire and delight children of all ages for over a hundred years, and it expanded its reach even further when Disney created a short animated film based on the novel, which they packaged together with a tale of Ichabod Crane. The Wind in the Willows follows the adventures of a young mole who makes friends with several of the animals that live down by the riverbanks, including a poetic but practical mouse, a badger that hates society, and a toad with an irrepressible desire for the newest thing. 

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The Wind in the Willows Dog Name Considerations

People use many different methods in order to choose names for their canine companions. Some people start their search by looking for names that reflect their dog's heritage or breed, while others may choose names based on a specific definition or meaning. Alternatively, a name can be based on a person they admire, either someone they know personally or someone famous, or they can pick a name that is related to something that interests them, like a favorite book, television show, or movie. There are several ways in which to narrow down a list of names based on a book or show, such as the novel The Wind in the Willows, a book that has been influencing children for over a hundred years. Some may choose a name from the characters listed in the book, giving a wild or impulsive dog a name like Weasel, Otter, or Toad, or a dependable but aloof canine a name like Badger, while others may prefer to reference items or places mentioned in the novel, such as Canary for a yellow-coated dog, in reference to his canary yellow carriage, or Victoria in honor of the statue of Queen Victoria that can be found in Mole's small, cozy abode.
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