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If you're a fan of the classic video game EarthBound, and you've recently adopted a dog (or want to), then you've come to the right place! Released in 1994, the game made waves in Japan as Mother 2, before being launched in North America as EarthBound in June of 1995. A simple concept of a boy and his friends collecting melodies to defeat an evil alien, the game has surpassed even the highest expectations. And it was a sleeper hit too! Took a while for it to pick up steam. So, if you're a fan of the game, and you love your dog, and think that he or she could really pull off the name Ness, check these other name ideas out. 

EarthBound Dog Names in Pop Culture

EarthBound Dog Name Considerations

Here's the thing about EarthBound: it is exactly what you expect, but with a twist. It may look like your average early to mid-nineties video game, pixelated with tiny cartoony characters, but it can be dark! You wouldn't expect it upon first glance – death, cultists, zombies, Porky the control freak.  

But it can also be mold-breaking. For instance, Tony is gay, and this was a 1994-1995 video game. It was seemingly unheard of anything of the sort making it to video games at the time. 

In other words, it's the perfect source of inspiration, because there is something for everyone. An array of well-written characters, hilarious jokes, a long list of places and objects, and a great sense of adventure. You're defeating aliens after all! 

So, when you stop to consider EarthBound names for your dog, start with this: what is it about the game that you love the most? And does that connect with your dog in any way? Maybe you really love Ness, then maybe your dog deserves the name. As long as he's curious, courageous, helpful and surprising, of course.  

Also, think about your dog as a potential character, a place, or object. Maybe a reference from the game perfectly applies. 

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