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Basenjis are hunting dogs who were said to have originated in the central region of Africa. This African dog is a very unique and strange breed as they are incapable of barking. Outside Africa, this dog breed is typically referred to as “the barkless dog.” Basenjis were originally used to hunt down rats and other small predators that possess a threat to the native Africans’ livestock. Albeit unable to bark, a Basenji is not silent – it can produce various sounds such as growling, whining, yodeling, whimpering, and even screaming. This African dog breed can be stubborn and mischievous, but with adequate training, it can make for the perfect pet and companion.

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Basenji Dog Name Considerations

Without a doubt, Basenjis are easily one of the most unique and uncommon dog breeds in existence. There is no other breed like the Basenji, which is why it deserves a well-thought-out and extraordinary name. Naming your dog can be challenging. No dog owner wants an ordinary name for their furbaby but at the same time, dog owners can be too indecisive when it comes to choosing from endless options and ideas available online. As always, a name that reflects your dog’s personalities and traits is always ideal.

The traits of a Basenji are both intriguing and distinctive. As previously mentioned, they are not capable of barking. However, they still have the ability to produce various sounds. For this reason, it would make sense to pick a name that embodies the unique trait. Names like Amrah and Monna, which both means “unique,” are good examples.

Basenjis are also independent creatures, history shows that they managed to survive thousands of years solely by themselves and without the guidance of humans. They are highly clever, vigilant, quick-thinking, lively, and always up for adventures. Take all those details into consideration and choose a name that can reflect them. For example, “Akilah” would be great for female Basenjis or “Ayo” for male Basenjis. Since the breed originated in Africa, it can also be a good idea to pick an African name, or a name that can be associated with Africa and its culture.

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Athena's name story for Basenji Dog Names
Lansing, KS
tries to please

As a baby she was dangerously small and had beautiful brown eyes with her khaki colored fur

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