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The Rottweiler is a majestic dog. He is descended from the war dogs of ancient times. Today, he continues to serve in positions as a military dog and service dog. The Rottweiler was highly popular as a family pet and watchdog until the mid-1990s, when a rash of bad publicity had many Americans questioning whether the Rottweiler should be a family dog. Tenacious and serious, the Rottweiler deserves a regal name, one worthy of the somber personality of the dog. The Rottweiler is also an extremely powerful dog, and many owners name their Rottie due to the raw strength he possesses. Naming one's gentle but tough Rottweiler serves to be a considerable task.

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Rottweiler Dog Name Considerations

The Rottweiler is an excellent working dog. His demeanor is quite serious, and he is an excellent guard dog. He is often described as tenacious yet tender, and tough but good-natured. His name should be special, reflecting the many wonderful characteristics of his vast personality. Some owners consider the idea that the Rottweiler originated in Germany (although there is an American Rottweiler as well), and they choose a name that is Germanic in origin. Other owners study the history of the Rottie, particularly his time as a war dog in the Roman army. This might prompt them to choose a name that is Latin or Italian. While these options work well for a Rottweiler, many Rottie enthusiasts would rather choose a name that exemplifies the persona of their own Rottweiler. 

Many Rottweiler pet parents will wait a few days to study the individual personality of their new Rottie. Generally, a Rottweiler is standoffish around strangers. He can be somewhat stubborn, even with his own family or handler. However, once a person earns the trust of a Rottweiler, he can be certain of a friend for life. Rotties often need to be convinced that they need to follow a command; they do not blindly obey their handlers. However, the Rottie is regal and majestic in how he carries himself at all times. In summary, naming the Rottweiler is never an easy task, and owners must choose a moniker wisely. 

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