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The followers of Islam make up 24 percent of the world's population. With 1.8 billion followers, it is the world's second largest religion. If you are Islamic or just interested in the faith, then you might be considering giving your dog an Islamic name. There are many beautiful Islam-based names for you to consider. Many sound lyrical and would fit your beloved companion perfectly. Take a look at the compilation we list below and pick which one sounds right for your furry friend.

Islamic Dog Names in Pop Culture

Islamic Dog Name Considerations

Many rumors exist involving dogs and the Islamic religion. Historically, dogs have been considered unclean by many Muslims. Others believe that the dog's uncleanliness prevents angels from entering the home. Many view the dog's saliva as unsanitary, and others see the fur as a problem. Ultimately, it depends on what area of the world a person comes from and their own unique set of beliefs. Islam is much like Christianity, there are innumerable interpretations.

The Qur'an, the holy book of the Islamic faith, views dogs favorably. It is generally accepted that Muslims can and should own hunting dogs. There is even a very elaborate Qur’anic description of a canine who accompanied righteous youths when they escaped religious persecution. The dog and the teenagers find themselves deep in a cave, and God decides to put them all to sleep. 

The Qur’an (18:18) clearly states:

You would have thought them awake, but they were asleep
And [God] turned them on their right sides than on their left sides
And their dog stretched his forelegs across the threshold

The description clearly shows that the dog was positioned to guard the youths. Nowadays, many Muslims are choosing to welcome dogs into their homes as beloved pets. However, you don't have to be Muslim to enjoy the sound of a lovely Islamic name for your pooch. 

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Community Dogs With Islamic Names

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