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Choosing a name for your new canine companion is an enjoyable but important part of pet ownership, with a great variety of names to choose from. Some people may choose to name their pets after a family member or friend while others may choose from the names of favorite characters in books, movies, or television. Another good way to pick a name for your dog is to choose a name that has a specific meaning or connotation, often a trait or quality that we see in our dogs or that we value. For this purpose, names related to sweetness can be a great source of inspiration. 

Sweet Dog Names in Pop Culture

Sweet Dog Name Considerations

Picking a new name for your dog is an important early task of pet ownership. Not only will you be saying and hearing their name on a daily basis, you may also be writing it on forms, putting it in social media posts, or even yelling it across a busy dog park. A name that is difficult for you or other household members to pronounce consistently may confuse your new canine while a name that your dog naturally responds to may improve the efficiency of training. If you have already decided to use a name that is related to sweetness that still leaves many options open for naming your pet, particularly as sweetness can refer to a number of things. Some people are more likely to associate sweetness with fruity flavors, choosing names like Mango, Jujube, or Cherry, while others think to the sweetness of chocolate, leaning towards names like Cocoa, Cadbury, or Godiva. Sweetness, however, is not always a flavor. Sweet scents can provide a great deal of inspiration for dog names as well, encouraging more floral names like Magnolia, Sunsprite, or Cosmos. Some pet parents may choose a name that includes sweetness in the definition like Jarah, Esti, or Vevina, or a name that is actually the word for sweet or sweetness in another language, such as Doux, Magus, or Misti. 

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