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The Field Spaniel does resemble other spaniels such as the Springer, Sussex, and Cocker and they do have a distinctive spaniel temperament that is intelligent and eager to please. The Field Spaniel also has an independent streak, but is easy to train and excellent for families with children.  The American Kennel Club (AKC) developed a breed standard that calls for the Field Spaniel to be unusually docile and a tranquil dog. Do not let that fool you, though, the Field Spaniel does enjoy heading out into the field for hunting or playing games in the yard. Your new Field Spaniel will need daily exercise to keep them from turning into an unhealthy couch potato.

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Field Spaniel Dog Name Considerations

The Field Spaniel is a medium sized, fun-loving, intelligent dog that originated in England. They are bigger than the English Cocker, but smaller than the Springer Spaniel, and are beginning to gain popularity in North America. With them gaining popularity, you should be able to locate a reputable Field Spaniel breeder somewhat close to you. Some people may need to travel to find a Field Spaniel. After you have found a Field Spaniel puppy, it will be time to pick a name for your new puppy. Being a breed that originated in England, many people decide to start their name search with names that have strong English roots. Make a list of names that you like and then start marking off names that you like the least. You can even take the time to get to know your new puppy’s personality and look for a name that fits their personality. A Field Spaniel is a smart, loving dog that does have an independent streak.  Names such as Alfie, meaning wise or sage, or Adele, meaning kind, tender, and noble would be great choices for your new Field Spaniel puppy. Since Field Spaniels are either black or brown, the name Keira for a female would be ideal since it means dark haired. 

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