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Rat Terriers are fun, feisty, and adorable little dogs. They have all the typical terrier traits; they're stubborn, energetic, and fearless. They are loving and loyal to their family and they are one of the few breeds whose heritage is all-American. Bred to be a farm dog, these dogs are great vermin hunters. They learn quickly and get bored easily which can lead them to do some investigating on their own. Rat Terriers are eager to please and great companions. They'll play fetch for hours or curl up and take a nap with you. There are so many options for appropriate names, you're in for a challenge finding just the right one for your Rat Terrier.

Rat Terrier Dog Names in Pop Culture

Rat Terrier Dog Name Considerations

So you've decided to add  a Rat Terrier to your family. One of these compact, active little dogs will bring hours of joy into your home. Cute and spunky, curious and affectionate, a Rat Terrier makes a perfect family pet. They are known for their love of the family, children, and their love of adventure. Choosing a name for a Rat Terrier can be challenging because there are so many great options. You can name them for their coloring, their personality traits, or their size. You can even name them the direct opposite of any of those things, like Bruiser for a small male or Curly for a smooth coated dog. A good name for a dog is usually short, just one or two syllables, sharp, so it sounds distinctive, and easy to pronounce. Most of all, it should be a name that you like because you're going to say it over and over again  because Rat Terriers can live up to 18 years. Life with a Rat Terrier is rarely dull and you'll love your pup like family. Make sure you pick a great name for your new pup.
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Community Dogs With Rat Terrier Names

Poco's name story for Rat Terrier Dog Names
Rat Terrier
Austin, MN

He's "punchy" and coco colored and I didn't want a "human" name.

Annyong's name story for Rat Terrier Dog Names
Rat Terrier
Arlington, TX

Arrested development has a character named Annyong which means hello in Korean. (On-yong)

Jake's name story for Rat Terrier Dog Names
Rat Terrier
Ville Platte, LA

Jake shirt and sweet

Maxvandookie's name story for Rat Terrier Dog Names
Rat Terrier
Houston, AL

Well,first I named him max.but when I would take him outside he would poo a lot! So that’s when I began to call him ( dookie) aka Maxvandookie

Promis's name story for Rat Terrier Dog Names
Rat Terrier
Meeker, OK

when i got her she all ready had a name

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