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Switzerland is a beautiful landlocked country, bordering Germany, France, Italy, Austria and Liechtenstein.  It is also the home of some very special dog breeds and is bordered by the well-known mountain range, The Alps.  If you love Switzerland or feel inspired by a particular Swiss dog breed, there is certainly a lot of inspiration to consider.  Choosing a name for your new addition can be challenging and sometimes when there is a lot of inspiration, it can be difficult to narrow down your choices.  This guide has some excellent recommendations for you to consider when naming your pooch.    

Switzerland Dog Names in Pop Culture

Switzerland Dog Name Considerations

If you are inspired by Switzerland dog names for your new pooch, there are considerations to think about. Maybe you are inspired by a particular place in Switzerland. The name Basel is ideal for the energetic pooch who likes to play, and Basel is also a Swiss city. Switzerland is also home of the popular watch maker, Rolex.  Rolex would make a fantastic Swiss name for the canine who enjoys the finer things in life.

Weiss is a great name inspired by color for a white colored pooch, while Schwarz means black.  For the small pooch, maybe consider a name like Elvin, which is Swiss for Elf.  Gerard is a masculine name consideration if your dog is strong and muscular, and the name Ingrid means beautiful, so it’s ideal for your gorgeous, four-legged friend.

Temperament is certainly something to consider when naming your pooch.  Didier is a great name for the pup that is clumsy and funny. Hingis is a fiercely loyal canine, whereas Hans is willful and stubborn. If your four-legged friend is extremely sweet, you might consider the name Ragusa, after the famous Swiss chocolate. Why not write down any names you like from the recommendation list below?

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