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When it comes to iconic titles, most action movie writers throughout history have done a bang-up job in creating some of the most timeless and notable names fans could hope for. Those like Dutch, Snake Plissken, Murtaugh and Riggs all have the innate ability to conjure up a feeling of intensity, of gunfire and explosions, of heroics — at heart, the quintessential action movie stars. Regardless of what genres the movies they starred in tended to blend, they all ended up with heroes so well-named they are almost universally recognizable by that facet alone. And thanks to all those great writers, you now have a bulging list of fantastic action hero names to choose from, to give your equally memorable dog.

Action Dog Names in Pop Culture

Action Dog Name Considerations

When coming up with clever ways to name your dog, the best place to start is to make a list of their most prominent traits in terms of both personality and looks, then compare them to those on our list (or your own, if you feel so bold). 

For instance, if your dog is black and white and has particularly dark eyes and a white face, then Draven, after Eric Draven, aka the Crow, would be perfectly suitable. For the same reason, any dog tucked in a black coat with a white spot on the chest, as if they’re wearing a suit, would be a great candidate for Bond, Vega, or Jules, as these iconic characters were highly-known for being well-dressed. On the other hand, if they are more rugged and dirty, Snake, Plissken, Indiana, and Rockatansky would all work just as well. 

But of course, you can always play on personality too. If they are known for their mouthing or biting, then Jaws would be a great choice. If they have a tendency to expend bursts of energy, then Jet would be apt. If they like to destroy everything in their path, then Terminator would be perfect.

There are certainly plenty of action movies to work with, in both title and character, so feel free to reach beyond the basics we have laid out here. We stuck with the classics but that doesn’t mean you have to. Pick a few favorites, compare them to your trait list and see if anything hits as quick as Action Jackson.

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