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Whether you are a military alumni, historian, veteran, or just an enthusiast, giving your dog a famous general’s name is a great way to honor history’s great minds. There are an absolute ton to choose from since there are names from nearly every branch of the military and names from nearly every country that ever fought a major war, let alone battle. Okay, so maybe they won’t all be necessarily generals per se, but given the rank and file of the names that grace this list, they surely won’t be failing short of recognition, status, or distinction, and neither will your dog should you choose to bestow them with one of history’s great names. 

Famous General Dog Names in Pop Culture

Famous General Dog Name Considerations

Given the sheer number of wars, battles, and conflicts throughout world history, let alone the individual members involved that had significant influence on each individual turnout, the possibilities are daunting. But that also means there are a full roster of options at your disposal, so finding one to fit your pooch can be much more individually suitable. 

Consider your dog’s breed, area of origin, looks, and personality when weighing your options, as each could provide inspiration for something suitable. 

For instance, if you have a French Bulldog who is demanding of territory, both Turenne and Massena, two of Napoleon’s best marshals, would be suitable names since they play on your dog’s area of origin, breed itself, and their personal tendencies. If you want to take it a step further, name your Miniature French Schnauzer with Small Dog Syndrome, Napoleon or Bonaparte. 

By a similar measure, if your Japanese Chin loves to splash around in the water and scare the local duck population, Togo might be a perfect name, after Heihachiro Togo, one of Japan’s greatest Admirals, especially if your dog really likes "To-go" for it. 

Whatever you choose, don’t be afraid to take a shot in a few different directions, you’ll never know what you might hit. But it’s almost important to be aware that not all good generals or war heroes were good people, so do your research and be mindful of the types of implications associated with certain names, as they may be offensive to some. More than all else, have fun and find your dog a great name that will be as timeless as the veterans themselves. 

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