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Compared to others of its kind, Rugrats might seem like a bit of an afterthought, thanks in no small part to a delayed response to its impending popularity. And although it focused on a group of babies and toddlers, when that popularity finally peaked, Rugrats proved to be endlessly entertaining for people of all ages. Children could enjoy its imagination and simplicity while older generations could grasp onto its not-so-subtle plays on pop culture. In the end, viewers were left with a laundry list of clever storylines and with it, a cast of interesting and humorous characters that make a perfect list of inspiration for potential dog namers.

Rugrats Dog Names in Pop Culture

Rugrats Dog Name Considerations

When trying to come up with the most appropriate Rugrats inspired name for your dog, it’s best to first consider their most prominent or defining traits, whether that’s their looks, quirks or personality, as this will be the easiest point of reference when comparing to our list of characters.

For instance, if your dog is particularly brave or courageous, then the names Tommy and Pickles would both be suitable. If they’re a bit more cowardly or have a bright orange coat, then the name Chuckie would be perfect. If your dog is a bit bossy and likes to bark orders at your or others, the name Angelica would be a good fit. If your dog happens to be a bit of a monster or terror, any beast-related names from the kids’ favorite show, such as Reptar, Dactar or Thorg would all be suitable. If they remind you of a popular TV personality or character, you could even come up with a Rugrats-style name of your own, much like they did with “Dr. Dooser” (Doogie Howser) or “Alan Quebec” (Alex Trebek). 

The only limits are the vast list of characters and your own imagination, so follow in the show’s footsteps and get those creative juices flowing!

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Community Dogs with Rugrats Names

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