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Comic books spark the imagination in many ways. Action, adventure, and lots of cool names—these are some of the things you’ll find within the colorful pages of a comic book. So if you’ve recently welcomed home a cat, but haven’t found the right moniker for them yet, you might want to flip through a comic book or two for some inspiration!  

Below are several names of comic book characters that we think would be purrfect for your new feline companion. From classics such as Tony to the more unusual like Nausicaa, these comic book names are the cat’s meow!

Comic Book Cat Names in Pop Culture

Comic Book Cat Name Considerations

A plethora of comic books out there means there’s also a plethora of potential names to choose from. Plus a lot of characters, especially most superheroes and supervillains, have more than one moniker—with so many options, you might actually have a hard time taking your pick! 

One thing to consider when selecting a comic book name for your cat would be the type of comics you’re most drawn to. Do you prefer superhero comics? Then you might want to look to the X-Men or the Avengers for ideas. Or perhaps you read more manga? Though a lot of characters have Japanese names, there are also some that have Western monikers that are easier to pronounce and remember. Slice of life comics are good sources of inspiration too.

Don’t forget to factor in your kitty’s physical features or personality as well. What is unique about them? For example, Domino would suit a feline with black and white fur, while Flash would be great for a cat who’s always dashing around the house. 

Whether you name your cat after a superhero, supervillain, or supporting character, be sure to choose something that not only stands out to you but also suits your feline BFF!

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