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Star Trek: The Original Series was one of the most beloved and iconic science fiction shows on television, with the original series spawning a legacy that would eventually include one animated show, five spin-offs, and over a dozen movies. People gather by the thousands at Star Trek conventions each year, shelling out billions of dollars to meet the creators and stars of the shows, listen to their stories and insights about the show, and to simply enjoy the company of other fans. Those who are fans of the show or who are dreaming of adventures in faraway places may want to consider names for their dogs that are inspired by Star Trek: The Original Series

Star Trek Dog Names in Pop Culture

Star Trek Dog Name Considerations

The name you choose for your dog can be quite influential, the right name can encourage understanding and bonding between you and your pet, while the wrong name can hinder training and confuse both the animal and you. The best name is one that you and your family are able to easily pronounce, one that has meaning to you, and one that your individual dog responds to. Choosing a name for your dog can be a very personal decision, depending a great deal not just on the dog’s breed, appearance, or personality but also on your interests and preferences as well as the relationship you have with your dog. Some Trekkies may be rather open with their enthusiasm for the show, naming their little fuzzball of a dog Tribble, or giving their smart, methodical dog the moniker of Spock or T’Pring, while others may choose names that are a little less obvious. The name Vulcan, although easily relatable to the show, also means volcano or volcanic in Latin and it was the name given to a dog owned by George Washington around two hundred years ago and only people with the similar interests will pick up on more subtle names like Majel, Redjac, or Nacelle. No matter where you fall on that spectrum, you should be able to find a name that suits your needs somewhere on this list. 

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Community Dogs with Star Trek Names

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