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Dogs have been living side-by-side with humans for hundreds of thousands of years. People have chosen to share their lives with dogs for a number of reasons; for security, for help with disabilities or with the chores, and more frequently than any other reason, for companionship. Most dog owners prefer that their pets be at least somewhat friendly, if not towards the neighbors and their canine companions, at least towards us and the pets and people that live in our homes with us. If you are looking to show the world just how friendly your particular dog is, you can always kick start the process by giving them a nice, friendly name to be introduced with. 

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Dog Name Meaning Friendly Considerations

There are many names out there that mean friendly or friend, and there are individual words for friendly in nearly every language, giving you several options if you are wanting to give your canine a name that announces their sociable and pleasant nature to anyone that they are introduced to. A good name choice can help your dog master training and tricks more quickly, foster self-confidence, and enhance the bond between pet and pet parent, it should be easy to pronounce by all of the people who will be responsible for the dog’s training and should be a name that your dog responds quickly to. While choosing a name that means friendly already takes the dog’s personality into account, there are other ways to narrow down the field when it comes to picking a name for your specific animal. In some cases, the appearance of your dog may influence your decision, perhaps giving an edge to names like Pineapple, Canary, or Rose for a dog with a yellow-colored coat while a dog with a blue coat or blue eyes might be better suited to a name like Lapis. The dog’s heritage and your own personal interests and hobbies can also prompt you to pick one name over another, for instance the rare Native American Indian breed dog may be more likely to receive a name like Dakota while the Japanese Chin may be better suited to the name Yūjō, and the water dog that you just can’t seem to get back on dry ground may end up with the name like Kelvin or Dolphin.

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