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You’ve decided to spice up your life by getting a new best friend. Quite coincidentally, you’ve become fascinated with Swedish culture, visited Stockholm, fell in love with a Swede, watched a dozen of Swedish art house films, or found an awesome black metal band from Sweden you can’t stop listening to.  So if this is the case, why not combine the two? What better way to celebrate your passion towards all things Sweden than to give your cute little puppy a name so Swedish it will remind you of the Nobel Prize or the everlasting winter at all times?

Swedish Dog Names in Pop Culture

Swedish Dog Name Considerations

If your new canine friend happens to be a Swedish Vallhund, or his close relative, the common Vallhund, you should definitely give him a name that bears in mind his origin. So look no further than the Swedish royal family to inspire you with the noblest names the Swedes have to offer! Be it a primordial name of a Viking leader, or a name of a contemporary Duchess, Swedish history is laden with names that will bring nothing but honor to your dog. Something along the lines of Silvia, Brigitta, or Nicholas will make your Vallhund or your Swedish Lapphund the talk of the park.

When you think of Sweden, the associations that come instantly to mind are the snowy mountains and amazing nature. If you own a Samoyed, or a dog with a fur coat so white it reminds you of the Swedish highlands and snow, be sure to explore the geography of this country to find a suitable toponym. Think of the northern lights, the famous Aurora Borealis phenomenon, or the Vikings that conquered the seas and of the cold Baltic Sea, which is synonymous with Scandinavia and you’ll find the perfect Northern name in no time. And as they say in Sweden – Skoll!

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