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Despite their almost irresistible cuddliness, the Chow Chow is not a breed to be underestimated. These regal fluffballs of delight are believed to have originated in Northern China where it was their job to act as noble guards of the temples. The Chow Chow breed is one of only a few of the ancient dog breeds that still exist today. 

With their obedient, clever and easy-going attitudes, Chow Chows have evolved from watchers of the temples, to working dogs – pulling and herding – to beloved and pampered pets. Even with their agreeable natures, they are fiercely protective of their humans and if not gently dissuaded, can become quite aggressive bodyguards. Once a Chow Chow’s stubborn little heart has been won, it will be yours for life.

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Chow Chow Dog Name Considerations

Believed to date as far back as 3000 years, these canine teddy bears derive their unusual name from a Chinese word, which roughly translates to “puffy lion” in English. It’s quite obvious why they were so named, with their king-of-the-jungle mane and stately demeanor. Known around the world for their distinct and distinguishing purple tongues and lips, they also stand out due to their curling, bushy tails and bear-like fur, which incidentally make them one of the best cuddling companions.

When naming your Chow Chow, it’s important to find a name that encompasses all of the above aspects of their quirky personalities. Whether you choose to focus on their ancient Asian origin, their furry fabulousness, or their sturdy work ethic, finding a name for these beautiful bear-like puppies will require some research. Alternatively, some Chow Chow owners choose to name their pooches based on the color of their abundant fur, which comes in five different shades of cute: black, blue, cream, red and cinnamon brown. Often, people prefer to name their dogs once they’ve got to know them a little better. For that reason, some new owners choose to wait until unique aspects of their new Chow Chow’s personality emerge, before providing them with the perfect title.

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Community Dogs With Chow Chow Names

Baloo's name story for Chow Chow Dog Names
Chow Chow
Dunedin, FL

Jungle book

Teddy's name story for Chow Chow Dog Names
Chow Chow
Cottage Grove, WI

we picked this name because teddy is so fluffy and we thinks it looks like a teddy...

Olaf's name story for Chow Chow Dog Names
Chow Chow
Hilo, HI

he is fluffy and he is cute and a small little baby<3

Butterbeer's name story for Chow Chow Dog Names
Chow Chow
Indianapolis, IN

Me and my friend love Harry Potter.

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