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 Dogs have a much more advanced sense of smell than humans do, and humans have been utilizing the olfactory capabilities of canines for hundreds, possibly thousands of years. They are much better at sniffing out game trails, detecting illegal substances, and locating missing people and pets by scent, and we have used these skills to our advantage. In more recent decades, we have discovered that they are also able to detect certain illnesses and imbalances in our systems as well, such as imbalances in blood sugar levels, impending seizures, and in some cases, even certain types of cancer. These medical detection dogs play an important role in human health from service dogs for the diabetic to dogs that are employed by hospitals to check blood and urine samples for indications of disease. 

Medical Detection Dog Names in Pop Culture

Medical Detection Dog Name Considerations

There are many ways to choose a name for a new canine companion; some people may select a name based on the dog's physical appearance or personality while others will choose names from books, movies, or plays that they found particularly memorable. If you are responsible for naming a dog that is slated to be trained as a medical detection dog, their prospective job can provide another source of inspiration. There are several names that mean healer such as Asa, Galena, Paion, and Pipaluk, as well as names that describe specific aspects of the job, like Bowden or Hermia, both being names that mean messenger. 

Some people might even choose a name like Spike, Mia, Penny, or Uma, in honor of one of the personal pets that saved their human companion's life by alerting their owners to the presence of cancer.  The dogs that detect diseases are still pioneers in their field, so honoring a medical pioneer that came before them is another great option. Human pioneers such as Alexander Flemming, the father of antibiotics, or Marie Curie, the first person to use radioactivity against cancer, are good name choices. Canine pioneers such as Armstrong, the first dog trained to detect hypoglycemia, or Tinker, the first dog to be registered in England as a diabetes alert dog can be considered, too.

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