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Adventures in Babysitting, released by Touchstone Pictures in 1987, follows a night in the life of seventeen-year-old Chris Parker. After her boyfriend cancels on their anniversary dinner, she takes a babysitting job watching young Sara Anderson, whose brother Brad has a serious crush on Chris. When Chris’s best friend Brenda calls from the bus station in the big city of Chicago, asking Chris to come pick her up, she, Brad, Sara, and Brad’s best friend Daryl set out to pick her up. The tire of the car blows out on the highway, and the children end up sidetracked. They end up interacting with a homicidal tow truck driver, car thieves, and gangs, as well as singing the blues at a night club, but in the end, they retrieve Brenda and end up back at home before Mr. and Mrs. Anderson return from their night out. 

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Adventures in Babysitting Inspired Dog Name Considerations

People choose names for their canine companions in many different ways. Some individuals search for names based on a specific definition or meaning, while others might choose a name based on their own interests, like a botanist using the name of a plant as inspiration, or an astronomer employing the name of a star. Another frequently used method is to take inspiration from favorite books, movies, or television shows, such as Adventures in Babysitting. There are several different ways in which to pinpoint the best name for your pooch from a list of names inspired by a movie.

 Many pet parents name their dogs after their favorite characters, be that a main character like Chris, Brad, Sara, or Daryl, or a character with less screen time such as Albert, Brenda, or Joe. Others may choose to go with a place name such as Chicago, where the show was set, or Toronto, where a large portion of the movie was filmed. Other options include honoring the creative minds that went into making the film, employing monikers such as Debra, David, or Linda, or items that are featured in the plot. You can even choose to describe the dog's physical appearance, like Bleu for a dog with a blue coat, or Silver Dollar for a dog with a more silvery sheen, or you can describe the dog's personality or skills instead, for example, using the names Ferrari or Porsche for a dog that loves to run.

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