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Disney is a huge part of many people's lives, whether they have children or not.  People love Disney because it represents an escape from the high stresses of reality and reminds us our childhood.  People also love Disney because it is a way for families to connect with each other over something that makes them happy.  Choosing a Disney themed dog name is something many people do for their new canine family members for the same reasons.  Dogs are a source of happiness and family for us and giving them a name based on a classic Disney character helps us feel all the more happy.

Classic Disney Dog Names in Pop Culture

Classic Disney Dog Name Considerations

When it comes to naming your dog a classic Disney name, you should consider the character's disposition and whether you believe your dog's personality, looks, or breed match the character.  Also, many classic Disney names are from dog characters, such as Pongo.  Pongo was the father Dalmatian in 101 Dalmatians and was a Dalmatian himself.  While any dog, including female dogs, can easily bear the name Pongo, most diehard Disney fans will only select this name for a Dalmatian.  

A similar consideration might be taken for couples Disney names.  For example, naming your dog Mickey is the ultimate ode to Disney but would be a perfect fit for a pair of dogs with Minnie as the other name.  Mickey and Minnie, as names, also go far better with smaller dogs that have black in their coats, such as a black-coated Pug or French Bulldog.  Larger dogs can bear these names, but keep in mind that Mickey and Minnie are mice.  Owners of large dogs might want to play to the strength of classic Disney characters and choose names of physically strong and large characters, such as Simba, Pete, and Baloo.  Above all, owners who wish to name their dog after a classic Disney inspired character will consider their favorite Disney personalities and fit for their dog.   

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Community Dogs with Classic Disney Names

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