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The Brussels Griffon certainly has plenty of attitude and will keep their owner on their toes.  They are playful, spunky and love your company.  They make excellent companions, so if you are getting a Brussels Griffon, they will be a loyal and loving addition to your family.  This breed may be small, but their personality certainly isn’t, so it’s really important to find the perfect name to suit your proud and protective pooch.  This canine is of superior intelligence and is often nicknamed the "Velcro dog" as they never want to leave your side. If you still need to choose the perfect name, then you should read on.

Brussels Griffon Dog Names in Pop Culture

Brussels Griffon Dog Name Considerations

When choosing a name for your new addition, you should do your research and ensure you pick a name that suits your Brussels Griffon.  You could choose a name based on the breed's origin; this breed originates from Belgium, so a name like Leopold could be a possible choice. 

Names can be chosen based on famous dogs if they inspire you, like Verdell from As Good as it Gets, and Newton, winner of the National Dog Show, 2017.  Maybe you’re inspired by Jim, the Brussels Griffon from the TV show, Mike and Molly

You might also name your pup based on their size. Names like Mini, Pint, Hobbit or Pixie could be just the fit.  Temperament can also affect your choice, and there are some great titles listed below for the small pooch with a massive personality or attitude.  Names like Mr. T, T-Rex, and Kong could be names to think about!

Why not make your own lists of the names you like? You can return to your list later and make a firm decision, or you can even spend time talking through your list with family or friends.  You can even call out the name to your pet to see if they respond.

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