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The reputation of a dog as man’s best friend is indisputable. Dogs played a key role in humankind's existence since the day of the caveman. They have been used for hunting, security, and herding. The first wild dogs are believed to have formed a symbiotic companion relationship with humankind thousands of years ago. Wild dogs would enter camps and villages to scrounge for food. Humans would offer the dogs scraps of food in order to build a relationship with the four-legged canines. In exchange for the kindness of the humans, the dogs grew attached to their caregivers and alliances were formed. Dogs started to lovingly protect their humans in exchange for food, companionship, and care. 

There is evidence that humankind domesticated wolves 35,000 years ago, according to the Smithsonian Magazine. Wolves followed early humans around in search of food scraps. Humans are believed to have befriended the wolves and maybe even raised their puppies. Modern Siberian Huskies and the sled dogs of Greenland share certain genes with the ancient Taimyr wolves who are believed to have been the forefathers of all canine companions today. 

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Dog Names Meaning Companion Considerations

Wanting to name your beloved Fido with a moniker that describes exactly what a great companion he is not unusual. Many people choose a name that reflects companionship and others opt to name their four-legged buddy after famous companion dogs who have shown an unusual friendship and bond with their human masters. 

No matter which route you opt to follow, picking a handle for your pooch that reflects that he is your best friend is not uncommon. We share so much of lives with our furry friends. They are members of our family. A dog can alleviate loneliness and serve as a source of therapy for many humans who are seeking a true canine friend. 

Dogs have been shown to reduce anxiety, relieve depression and reduce levels of stress in their human owners. They also help promote exercise. Nobody likes to go for a walk or to the park alone. Taking a canine buddy provides invaluable inspiration to get out and enjoy life with your canine bestie. People who own dogs tend to live a more active lifestyle and are even often physically healthier. 

Seniors who share their lives with dogs also tend to have fewer doctor visits and be healthier overall. Many researchers believe that the friendship provided by their canine companion encourages them to get up every day in order to care for their furry friend and this improves not only their overall health but also their outlook on life. 

The companionship of a dog and human is an interactive thing. There are approximately 61 million dogs in America that are kept solely for companionship. Dogs are a significant component in their owner's lives. They relieve loneliness, provide unbridled love, and perform many other functions. 

When choosing a name for your new pooch, you will want to pick something that reflects just what a buddy he truly is to you. You will want to proclaim to the world that his four-legged furry canine is your heart, your best friend, and a true member of your family.

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