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Florence, Italy is famous for its large dog population. Pooches can be seen everywhere with their owners. Most establishments welcome four-legged patrons right alongside their owners. In fact, in 2008 the Florentine government officially passed a bill that makes it legal for all canines to spend time with their owners in museums, stores, restaurants and art galleries. There is only one place in the city where you cannot take your dog, and that is the Teatro del Maggio Musicale (known as the Florence Opera house). If you recently bought or adopted a dog then why not name your furry friend after one of the most dog-friendly towns in the world?

Florence Dog Names in Pop Culture

Florence Dog Name Considerations

On top of being one of the most dog-friendly cities in the world, canines are not even required to be on a leash when they accompany their owners around the town. Many canines roam free around the city. They have homes, but their owners exercise their legal freedom to let their dogs run loose in the city.

Dogs have always played a crucial role in the history of Florence. Many famous artists used canines in their paintings and sculptures. The dog is portrayed either awake or sleeping. Lorenzo the Magnificient was famous for his hunting dogs who were always in attendance at the city's meetings. The city's Grand Duke Francesco I is also renowned for his beloved canine companions. 

Tradition in the city also allowed young women who were forced into arranged marriages to take a dog with them to their new home with their groom. The canine friend was believed to help comfort the woman and act as a pleasant reminder of her previous home and family. 

In Florence, dogs are respected and allowed to have their own individual identities. If you want to name your canine buddy an Italian name in honor of the city, then many choices will fit your pup well. 

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