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Irish setters are beautiful dogs...and now you're lucky enough to own one. Their burnished red coat, big brown eyes and long, silky ears are gorgeous to look at but their soul is even more beautiful. Active and fun loving, these dogs are sweet-natured and make great playmates for the kids. These rambunctious redheads are among the fastest of all breeds, with powerful legs and a slender yet sturdy body. They require a lot of exercise and play time. They were originally bred as bird dogs and now often work as gun dogs, but despite their willingness to work hard, they are loving and loyal pets.

Irish Setter Dog Names in Pop Culture

Irish Setter Dog Name Considerations

Choosing a name for your Irish Setter is a fun job but it is also a big decision. The name you give your dog will probably be their name for life and should fit both the pup and your personal style. 

First, eliminate the names you don't like from the categories you have chosen. You may want to break your choices down into groups like sports names, names inspired by the breed heritage, or a name that fits your pup's personality. Sometimes it is best to take a few days to settle on a name while you get to know your new dog. That gives you time to discover if your dog is speedy, funny, brave, or loving. 

Many people choose to give their dog a human name. If you decide to take that route, choose a name that isn't already in the family. Although you might be honoring your husband William by naming the dog Willie, it will be confusing to the dog. When your dog hears, "Will, take out the trash, please," it's sure to confuse them.

In the same way, a name that sounds too much like a command will create misunderstandings as well. "Moe" can easily be mistaken for "No' or 'Shea' for stay. Naming your new Irish setter is a big step in their training, so keep it short and clear. Your dog needs to be able to easily tell when you are speaking to them and respond well to commands. Using one or two syllables is best. Don't worry. You'll find the perfect name for your pup with a little thought and care.

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