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Kung Fu Panda is a franchise set in a fictional world where the world is populated by animals. These animals have the same characteristics of their species but are human-like in their thinking. The story centers around Po, a panda who did not seem like much to those around him. He is fat, likes to eat and would rather sleep than go for an early morning run. But Po had a dream to join the Furious Five, a group of Kung Fu masters. Not only does Po defy expectations, but he made us laugh in the process. 

Kung Fu Panda Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Kung Fu Panda Inspired Dog Name Considerations

When the franchise began, we were introduced to Po, a lazy panda with a nearly impossible dream. He wanted to join the Furious Five, a group of Kung Fu masters who were trained by the incomparable Master Shifu. His chance to shine comes when it is announced that they are looking for the chosen one who will fulfill a prophecy. Everyone is welcome to come to the selection ceremony, but everyone expects one of the Furious Five to be chosen. On that day, everyone gathers around for the ceremony, but Po nearly misses his chance because he overslept. 

One by one, the Kung Fu masters step forward, all expectant. But none of the famed masters are chosen, much to their dismay. Everyone was just about to give up when Po falls in, out of breath and late. He is about to be kicked out when it is revealed that he is the chosen one. At first, it may have seemed impossible. But Po was eager to prove himself and he did. By the end of the movie, he had saved the whole of China from an evil threat. The names in this guide were chosen from many characters throughout the franchise. If your pup displays traits from Kung Fu Panda, choose a tag that catches your eye. Is your dog laid back and a bit on the lazy side? Are they your chosen one?

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