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Oliver Queen had the sort of life most people could only dream of; he had wealth, fame, and the adoration of all of his peers due to being the heir to the billion dollar company, Queen Consolidated. As Ollie used his inheritance to live life as a rich, reckless playboy he probably felt that he was living the dream for a time. But Ollie's dream would become a nightmare when he was stranded on a remote island named Lian Yu. There, Ollie realized that he was taking his life for granted and resolved to change things if he found a way back home. When Ollie eventually did find his way back to civilization, he decided to use the resources at his disposal, as well as the skills he developed on Lian Yu, to become the Green Arrow and fight crime in Star City.

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Arrow Dog Name Considerations

The Arrowverse, and just about all of the characters in it, were inspired by DC Comic's Green Arrow series of comic books. So if you choose to name your dog after a character from Arrow, you'll likely also be naming them after a character from DC Comics who has a long and storied history. The Oliver Queen featured in Arrow is a lot like his comic book counterpart in essentially all the ways that count, so if you choose to name your dog Ollie or Oliver after Stephen Amell's take on the character, you'll also be paying homage to a comic book character with decades of stories based on him.

Arrow also paved the way for many of the other DC Comics-based shows that have amassed massive fandoms in their own right; it's very likely that shows like The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow wouldn't have got the green light if Arrow hadn't become the massive success it is today. Arrow also achieved something that really hadn't been done on television before - it brought together an insanely large number of characters from other shows in one giant crossover event via the Invasion! storyline much to the delight of fans all around the world. With all of the neat characters and variety of looks and personalities, choosing an Arrow dog tag should be a breeze.

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