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Does your movie collection include The Darjeeling Limited, Rushmore, and The Life Aquatic? Do you consider yourself a total Wes Anderson snob? If so, buckle up as we tackle what is arguably his most famous film - The Royal Tenenbaums.

With the ultimate star-studded cast and set designs that are completely drool-worthy, it's not hard to see why this film is on so many people's "Top Ten" lists. What better way to honor such a masterpiece than by naming your next furry family member after an inspiration of the cult classic? Join us as we break down our absolute favorite canine names derived from the comical drama.

The Royal Tenenbaums Dog Names in Pop Culture

The Royal Tenenbaums Dog Name Considerations

When naming any doggo, there is no reason to be hasty about making your choice. Whatever title you settle on will become your new family member's persona - so take your time and get to know the little furball! If your goal is to draw a name from The Royal Tenenbaums, rest assured that you have a ton of options to choose from. 

One of the great things about Wes Anderson's films is that he is not scared of having a complex cast filled with pivotal characters. The plot is like an intricate tapestry made with pop-art colors and it weaves together to create something unexpected. When looking at this movie, in particular, you'll be met with a chic, New York vibe that will be sure to make your woofer the hippest pup on the block.

Because Wes takes so much time delving into the psyche of each character in the film, you'll be better able to discover who your canine compadre is the closest to in personality. Or, you can embrace the visuals and rely heavily on the comically enhanced portrayals to settle on the perfect moniker for your mutt. 

One thing is for sure, whichever name you choose, anyone who loves this movie will be sure to smile when they hear you call your fur-baby.

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Community Dogs with The Royal Tenenbaums Names

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