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Latin names roll off the tongue with ease. Many people even consider them romantic. If you are a lover of all things Latin, why not pick a name to showcase your passion for your pooch? You can choose to name your dog after a famous person, title, or place. The choices are truly endless. You could go with a traditional moniker or pick something more trendy. Many names are unisex so you can use them for both males and females.

Latin Dog Names in Pop Culture

Latin Dog Name Considerations

If you own a Fila Brasileiro or a Dogo Argentina, then you might want to choose a Latin name to display your dog's heritage proudly. Throughout Latin America, dogs have been popular for centuries. They were often used for their guarding abilities or to watch over sheep. 

Even if your dog's roots do not spring from Latin America, you can still choose a Latin name for your buddy. Latin names can also be drawn from ancient times and locations where the language originated. First known as the language of Rome, the Latin language evolved to be intertwined with Spanish, French, Italian and the Celtic, and Germanic languages. 

Most people select Latin-based names because they sound exotic and appealing. Many people will even ask you how you thought of this unique name for your pooch. In some cases, you may have a cute story that enables you to explain to your friends and family your dog's namesake, so they better understand why you picked a Latin name. 

When choosing a Latin dog name, pick one that rolls off the tongue easily. Most dogs respond well to comfortable handles that are not overly complicated. Popular Latin names that you may want to consider for your pup include Marina (Latin being Marinus), which means by the sea. Ace (Latin is As) is a great name for your loyal male pooch. The masculine name Calvin (Latin being Calvinus) is an excellent choice if your buddy is a Mexican Hairless Dog because the name translates into 'bald.' 

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