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The Maze Runner is a stunningly successful franchise that has garnered a massive following. Many did not believe that this was possible since it followed on the heels of The Hunger Games and Divergent. So, how did this series manage to create its own popularity despite being in a crowded genre? It is a special story that takes you on a fantastic ride from start to finish. It tells a tale that manages to be unique and captures the reader’s attention. What better way to honor this highly successful series than giving your new dog a Maze Runner style name? 

The Maze Runner Inspired Dog Names In Pop Culture

The Maze Runner Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Thomas, the protagonist, goes through a lot during the entirety of the series. The plot starts out with Thomas in a dark cage without any memory of who he is. In this way, you get to experience his journey with him. You meet the Gladers, a special group of young men who survive against the odds. You meet Teresa, a mysterious girl who seems to have all the answers. All of this is interesting and fun, but the real experience begins when you enter the maze. You are swept into a world where you need to survive something you cannot quite see and then survive in a world that has been broken.

This is what makes the Maze Runner so special. You get to go on this journey with a cast of characters who soon feel like your own friends. They are brave and good, which makes you want to be brave and good. Your new dog, will in some way reflect these qualities. They might remind you of a character or have an exceptional personality. This is why we chose some of the best names from the franchise to help you find the right name for your puppy. 

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