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Alternative rock music, also known as Alt-Rock, became immensely popular in the early 1990s. An off-shoot of the punk rock genre of the 1970s, alternative rock music was partly a response to the intensely popular hair metal of the 1980s. Many fans had become disillusioned with the often-duplicated hair metal genre; in effect, the advent of bands such as Guns and Roses contributed to the demise of hair metal and ushered in a new generation of bands dependent upon heavy guitar riffs and often thought-provoking lyrics. While the 1990s saw the heyday of alternative rock music, the genre still has quite a following.

Alternative Rock Music Dog Names in Pop Culture

Alternative Rock Music Dog Name Considerations

Any dog breed can successfully carry an alternative rock music name. Depending on owner preferences, a person might give a Maltese or a Yorkie the name "Beast" as a sort of paradoxical name. The proud new owner of a Welsh Pembroke Corgi might give his pup the moniker "Billy Corgi." While these ideas are very original, one should consider the tenets of alternative music to determine whether or not an alternative rock music name is fitting for his new dog. 

Alternative rock music is all about doing things in an unconventional way. Dogs who might be a little headstrong, such as any Terrier breed, a Bulldog, or the Chihuahua can successfully depict an alternative rock music name. For instance, David Bowie created the Ziggy Stardust character for a concept album. He was about twenty years ahead of the alternative rock movement, but many bands cite Bowie as an influence. Therefore, Ziggy might be a good name for a Yorkie or a Boston Terrier. 

Many of the musicians of the 1990s, the height of the alternative rock music era, dealt with a desire to play music without the fame and fortune of Hollywood. Kurt Cobain and Eddie Vedder are two prime examples of this phenomena. Kurt would be a great name for a Chihuahua as they are often a "one-person" dog, and they do not welcome relationships with other people. Of course, a name such as "Beast" would be fitting of a large, muscular dog such as the Pit Bull or Rottweiler. This nod to the Beastie Boys could also refer to a pup with a rowdy personality. 

Again, alternative rock music dog names fit almost any breed and are at the discretion of the owner. However, these original names can say something about your pup's personality as well as your own personal favorite music. 

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