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Movies can inspire us, especially a story about man's best friend - the loyal dog. Such a movie is the one called Eight Below, a story of an Antarctic research base team, who because of an approaching storm, had to bail out and leave a team of dogs chained in the snow for what they expected would be just a few days. Sadly, they were unable to go back until spring because of harsh conditions. The story is about the bravery of the dogs and how they managed to survive. Come spring, these loyal dogs had only lost two of their number after becoming free, and they returned to where their owners left them in spring to greet their masters. Who else but a dog would come back to their owner after being left to die! That is the loyalty you will get from your dog. When you bond with a dog, you have a friend for life. Therefore, a great name is important to honor the amazing dog.

Eight Below Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Eight Below Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Honor, dedication, loyalty, and companionship are just some of the gifts a dog brings to a relationship. They have such compassion, such a sense of fun, and they live in the present moment, enjoying every minute. A good name then is what they need. When they come into your life, gift them with a great name that they can grow into. A simple name that is easy to say is often best. Bestow a title that can be spoken in any company, you don't want to feel embarrassed about your dog's name when out in the community. A snow dog offers all sorts of possibilities. Names such as Alaska, Wolf or Arctic describe where the dog's history began. Russian names sound exotic for a dog who loves the cold weather. Babushka is a term of endearment that sounds impressive. We have compiled a list of names that would suit a snowbound dog. Have a look and see what you think!
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