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In a genre largely overrun by men, Sailor Moon did what few others before it ever could have: empowered female characters with real personalities to employ their authority with righteousness. Thanks to a creative backdrop, a fantastic concept and exceptionally well-rounded characters, Sailor Moon and its author/manga legend Naoko Takeuchi gained a cult following that spread worldwide, drawing comparisons to other juggernauts of its type. Although it was appropriated to the individual countries it eventually aired in, the series and its vast array of characters, complete with all the variations of their names, make for perfect dog naming fodder for whatever version you’re the biggest fan of. 

Sailor Moon Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Sailor Moon Inspired Dog Name Considerations

When attempting to come up with the most appropriate Sailor Moon inspired name for your dog, it’s easiest if you first compile a list of your dog’s most obvious or defining traits, as it can act as a great shortcut when comparing to our list below. Consider their looks, quirks and personality, as you can draw inspiration from any number of places.

Just because your dog doesn’t wear a sailor fuku doesn’t mean you can't draw aesthetic comparisons. For instance, if your dog happens to have a strip of white down their chest or white around their eyes, Tuxedo or Mask (or Tuxedo Mask) would certainly still be suitable. If they happen to have a mark on their forehead that resembles the upturned crescent moon, then the names Luna, Diana and Artemis would all be great choices.

Of course, you can play off of personality too and start with the Sailor Soldiers themselves. For a dog that’s a leader, Moon would be good. For those who are highly intelligent, Mercury would be a solid fit. If they’re elegant, Mars would work well, and so on. 

There are plenty of directions you can go, from using the characters’ original names to their translated names, from their quirks to their looks, so don’t hesitate to get creative. 

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