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Tennessee is a state that is as diverse as its people. West Tennessee is home to Memphis, adopted home of Elvis. It was in Memphis that the infamous Sun Records recording studio operated. Here, rock and roll musicians Roy Orbison and Jerry Lee Lewis recorded hit songs as did blues musicians such as Howling Wolf. In the east, Tennessee rests at the Southern end of the Appalachian Mountains. Beautiful natural scenery is preserved in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. In the middle of the state rests Nashville, the home of country music. Yes, the state of Tennessee is a highly interesting place with a uniqueness all its own. Shouldn't a dog's name influenced by the great state of Tennessee be just as original?

Tennessee Dog Names in Pop Culture

Tennessee Dog Name Considerations

Tennessee is special in that some dog breeds carry the state name - the Tennessee Treeing Brindle, for instance. Representing the state well, the Tennessee Treeing Brindle is known for running its prey up a tree and "singing" until his human hunting companion arrives. With origins in the Appalachians, the Treeing Brindle is truly worthy of its Tennessean heritage. 

According to a Time magazine article, the most popular breeds in Tennessee are the Labrador Retriever, the German Shepherd, and the Beagle. (It is no surprise that two of the top three are hunting dogs.) The Labrador Retriever is an all-around hunting dog, but his chief purpose on the hunting field is to retrieve fallen waterfowl. Citizens of Eastern Tennessee particularly enjoy duck and goose hunting, and the Lab is invaluable in this area. The Beagle is generally used for small game hunting, very popular in middle and Eastern Tennessee. However, some deer hunters use the scent hound for his tracking ability. 

The German Shepherd is especially popular around Nashville. His experience as a guard dog and a police dog make him invaluable in the country music mecca. In addition, designer dogs such as the Maltipoo and the Pomchi are popular across the state. 

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