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In 1994, we learned about a father's love and the "Circle of Life." You see, this was the year that Disney released the initial offering of The Lion King series. Audiences all over the world fell in love with the brave lion cub Simba. At least two more full-length feature films would be released in the series. The latest offering is an animated series titled The Lion Guard. This series follows a grown Simba and his family, specifically his young cubs, Kion and Kiara. Simba works to prepare his cubs to rule the Pride Lands and to continue the tradition of the lion guard, a group that protects the Circle of Life.

The Lion Guard Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

The Lion Guard Inspired Dog Name Considerations

What type of dog is deserving of a name inspired by The Lion Guard cartoon series? First, because Simba was expected to be brave, he expects the same from his children. When researching the bravest dog breeds, one finds several courageous breeds. The German Shepherd, known for their police and military work, is perhaps one of the bravest breeds today. The German Shepherd has been involved in World War II and following military conflicts. They have also been involved in working with SWAT teams in civilian police outfits. The Labrador Retriever occasionally works with police departments, but, they generally work as a therapy dog, as does the Golden Retriever. These dogs are quite patient even in the most trying situations. The Boxer is another very brave breed. He is quite friendly with his family, but the Boxer is a great guard dog. A rather surprisingly brave little dog is the Dachshund. The Dachshund was bred to be a fierce little hunter. His front paws enable him to dig into the burrow of his prey, and only his human hunting companion pulling him out of their prey's hole ended the search for the mark. Other name consideration might be names inspired by African culture as The Lion Guard is set in the African Sahara.
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