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Is your dog a fearless daredevil? Many canines are outgoing and willing to try anything once. There are pooches who enjoy skydiving, biking, mountain climbing, surfing, skateboarding, boating, and a variety of other sports right alongside their owners. They actually like the activities and seem lost when not participating in the adrenaline-fueled sports. If your four-legged buddy is an adventurous sort, why not pick a name that reflects their carefree character? We've compiled a list of the top daredevil names for dogs. Read on and pick your favorite tag!

Daredevil Dog Names in Pop Culture

Daredevil Dog Name Considerations

Is your canine cohort a secret daredevil who loves wild antics? You could go with a classic superhero name or think outside the box for your furry friend. How about Felix?  Felix Baumgartner was the brave fellow who tried the Stratos jump. During the antic, he fell from 23 miles in the air and effectively broke the speed of sound. He also BASE jumped from Rio's Christ statue. He is famous for his fearless nature and willingness to try things that terrify others. 

Mapelli is a unique name that is the last name of a lady called Sarah Mapelli. She is a real female daredevil who is known for covering herself with over 12,000 live bees. Once thoroughly coated in the flying insects, she starts to sway and dance with the bees clinging to her body. The exciting aspect of her exotic dance moves is the fact that the bees appear to respond to her body's flow and move right along with her to create a fantastic vision. If the surname Mapelli sounds odd then you can always call your dog Sarah after the bee daredevil performer. 

You could also choose to name your pooch after a famous daredevil like Houdini or Evel Knievel. Additionally, women like Amelia Earhart stand out for their fearless nature. 

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Community Dogs With Daredevil Names

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