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The Old English Mastiff, or simply Mastiff, comes from a breed of large dog that is thought to be descended from ancient dogs with elements of the Alpine Mastiff, a now extinct Molosser type of breed. It has an enormous body and, like most Mastiff-type dogs, has a big head that always has a black mask. In spite of its size, however, the Old English Mastiff has a very calm demeanor and a loving nature, which earned him the moniker “gentle giant”. But when it comes to protecting its family, the Mastiff will show off its more aggressive side. It has some idiosyncrasies that may be daunting for some but the breed’s loyalty, love and companionship definitely outweigh them. 

Old English Mastiff Dog Names in Pop Culture

Old English Mastiff Dog Name Considerations

The Old English Mastiff is a remarkable dog worthy of a name that is as equally remarkable. The Mastiff possesses some notable qualities that can make for a good name. First thing you will notice is its gigantic build. The Mastiff also has a huge head that has the trademark black mask. Its appearance is regal and it carries itself well. Considering all these, you may decide to come up with a name that highlights all or some of these qualities. A name that conveys strength or one that highlights its mammoth size are all good options. Examples of such names are “Goliath”, after the Biblical giant figure, or “Hulk”, after the comic book character known for his tremendous strength.

If you want to make things easier, you can simply choose to name your dog based on his coat color. The Mastiff has a limited range of coat colors, namely brindle, fawn and apricot that is always accompanied with a black mask face. Hence, you may choose a name based on these colors.

Of course, there is more to a Mastiff than just its physical appearance; their personality is as big as its size. You may opt to choose a name that represents the loyal, protective and gentle nature of the Mastiff.  

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Community Dogs With Old English Mastiff Names

Pablo picasso's name story for Old English Mastiff Dog Names
Pablo picasso
England, AR

I was drunk and found a dog and called him pablo Picasso

Brindle's name story for Old English Mastiff Dog Names
English Mastiff
Naples, FL
Kind, gentle & loving yet increadably protective

Brindies Sassy Pants MDM In memory of her grandma & grandpa ~ parts of their names were used. I wouldn't have her if it weren't for them.

Sarge's name story for Old English Mastiff Dog Names
English Mastiff
Parma Heights, OH

My grandpa was in Vietnam he was a gunart Sargent so we named him after my grandpa

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