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The Hebrew language is a Semitic language, in the company of other Middle Eastern languages such as Arabic and Aramaic. There are 22 letters in the Hebrew Aleph-bet, the equivalent to our 26 letter alphabet, and it is read from right to left instead of left to right. While this ancient language went unspoken for nearly two millennia, a dramatic revival of the language occurred at the end of the 19th century, in large part due to a man named Eliezer Ben-Yehuda, and it became one of the official languages of the British Mandate Palestine in 1922. Whether you are looking to honor your heritage, looking for a dog name with a long history, or are just interested in the cultures and languages of the region, this list of Hebrew names should give you a good place to start. 

Hebrew Dog Names in Pop Culture

Hebrew Dog Name Considerations

Choosing a name for your new pet is often an enjoyable experience, but it is also serious business. The name you give your canine companion is one that you are likely to be saying and hearing many times a day each day. A name that is difficult for yourself or your family to pronounce may cause your new dog confusion and distress, while a name that they respond well to will enhance the bonding and learning processes. While people who speak Hebrew regularly may be very comfortable with some of the more exotic pronunciations, such as Baraq or Qeren, those who are novices to the language may prefer names that they may be more familiar with, such as Zach, Jed, or Sarah. There are Hebrew names available that can fit just about any canine and any situation and you can help to narrow down the list by examining at the dog’s physical attributes and personality traits as well as your own personal values. Names like Uphaz, Flint, and Tsillah can refer to the individual dog’s coat and color, while names like Tzevi might be given to dogs that like to run, and the name Nissa may be perfect for that dog that keeps testing their limits. There is a wide variety of meanings for Hebrew names that can reflect your own values as well, names such as Chayim, meaning life, Doran, meaning gift, or Binah, for knowledge, insight, and understanding.

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Community Dogs with Hebrew Names

Ozi's name story for Hebrew Dog Names
Palo Alto, CA

He’s 10 lbs and was found running along the highway. Ozi means strength, which he must have a lot of to survive alone on the streets of San Jose.

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