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You've just adopted a Pakistani Mastiff dog, also known as a Bully Kutta. This big, beautiful dog will be a treasured companion and a wonderful guard dog. Big, muscular, and powerful, these dogs are quite trainable and loyal to their owners. They typically don't get along too well with other animals and are not recommended for homes with small children. If the dog is raised with kids and given plenty of pleasant experiences with them, they are adaptable to family life and can become loving and playful friends. This dog should be homed with a family that has experience with strong, independent breeds. Because of this, this breed is best owned by experienced dog handlers. With patient training and socialization, this dog can be a loyal, loving companion. Keep in mind, however, that this dog can reach over one hundred seventy pounds so you definitely need to be the leader of the pack. Pakistani Mastiffs have lots of thin, loose skin that is quite tough. They also have thick bones and a broad jaw. Their walk is similar to that of a lion, almost cat-like.

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Pakistani Mastiff Dog Name Considerations

Now you have this large, gorgeous animal but they don't yet have a name. What should you call them? Should you name them for their size or pick out a characteristic of their personality to lead you toward a title? There are dozens of options. How do you narrow it down from thousands of choices to one perfect name?

There are basic rules for choosing dog names. One of those is to keep it short and simple. If the name is just one or two syllables long your dog will learn it more quickly. The moniker should also be easy to pronounce so you don't stumble over it every time you call your dog. Of course, your dog may have a longer name on their registration papers, but keep their call name short and sweet.

You can always consider a name from the dog's history as well. You might want to pick a Pakistani name or a Punjabi name. Just make sure you know what it means and be certain it's appropriate. You might even want to watch your dog for clues. Is there a name you're testing out that they seem to respond to? Do they tilt their head or wag their tail? Watching for these clues might be the best way to choose the right name for your new fur baby.

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