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The premiere Dark Fantasy series of the gaming industry, Hidetaka Miyazaki's Dark Souls series has been the source of much gaming rage and glee in equal measure. The series has become famous for adhering to a tough but fair design philosophy, in which the enemies and environments players encounter tend to initially push players to their limit while also being conquerable once enough thought and effort is appropriately applied. The Dark Souls series may not be for everyone, as many gamers may not be able to surmount the franchise's infamously difficult boss battles or appreciate the games' indirect and open ended lore, but those who take to the Souls series will likely become lifelong fans inching for the next challenge and greeting failure with a smile.

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Dark Souls Dog Name Considerations

Above all other things, fans of the Dark Souls franchise are ardent challenge seekers who live for the thrill of taking on the roughest and toughest bosses the gaming industry has to offer. The cryptic, melancholy aesthetic of the Dark Souls games definitely sets the mood for an ungodly battle of wills, and the deviously designed levels found in each of the games are memorable in their own right, but mention Ornstein and  Smough around any groups of gamers and you're more likely than not to receive crestfallen stares from people who've faced countless defeats at the hands of the iconic Dark Souls bosses.  

Consider naming your dog after Ornstein or Smough, to commemorate that glorious moment when you finally overcame the devious duo. Or name your pup after the valiant knight Artorias, whose awesome attacks and tragic backstory combine for an intense, emotionally charged boss battle for the ages. The lore of the Dark Souls world is very rich and intricate once you're able to decipher it, but the intensity and challenge of the bosses found within the series are instantly recognizable and undeniably iconic. 

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