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Whippet dogs are a smaller breed of greyhounds. Nicknamed Snap Dogs due to their knack for snapping up prey, they are recognized for their elegant look, lean physique, gentle expression and an incredible ability to run full speed ahead. Despite its active nature, however, Whippet dogs are also known to be couch potatoes who love to stay indoors and snooze the day away. Additionally, a Whippet’s coat is short, which makes it easier to maintain. All these qualities make Whippet dogs a popular pet choice, especially for those who are looking for a calm indoor dog and a loyal companion. 

Whippet Dog Names in Pop Culture

Whippet Dog Name Considerations

Choosing a name for your Whippet dog is no simple feat and must be taken seriously, since this is the name that they will carry for the rest of their lives. Think of it as choosing a name for your kid! The Whippet is such a unique breed and deserves an equally unique name. For the Whippet breed, there seems to be an inclination for short names that can easily be recognized by the dogs, preferably one or two syllables at most. Ideally, the name that you will be giving to your Whippet dog should not sound similar to the names of other family members or close friends who frequent your household. This is important so that your dog can avoid any confusion when being called. Also, if your Whippet pup has any special quirks or characteristics, you can use that as inspiration for its name.

Male Whippet dog names usually reflect the size, color, personality, strength or country of origin of the breed. On the other hand, female Whippet dog names are often mellower and are indicative of the Whippet dog’s gentle and loving personality. These are some of the considerations to remember when choosing the perfect name for your Whippet. 

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Community Dogs with Whippet Names

Finix's name story for Whippet Dog Names
Decatur, TX

Named after his champion grandmother, Fifi

Kizzie's name story for Whippet Dog Names
Belfast, ME

She is a rescue dog and was named when she adopted us.

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