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What does sleepy mean? According to the dictionary, it means needing sleep or being ready for sleep. It can also mean heavy-eyed, languorous, languid, somnolent, tired, or drowsy. Does this describe your dog? Is your dog constantly sleeping and even falls asleep eating? Has your pooch ever fallen over because they fell asleep standing or sitting up? Maybe your canine kid is just tired. It could be that they are actually running around wearing themselves out when you are asleep or not home. Or maybe your furry friend is just lazy. There are all kinds of reasons why you would want to give your dog a name that means sleepy, and we want to help you make the decision.

Dog Names Meaning Sleepy in Pop Culture

Dog Name Meaning Sleepy Considerations

Giving your fur baby a name that means sleepy can be fun. Maybe your dog just looks sleepy all the time, or they are asleep every time you look at them. But that does not mean your pooch is not running around like a maniac the minute you leave the house. It could be like one of those funny commercials where the pets invite their friends over for a party as soon as their humans leave. They party all day and then clean up the house really quick and get rid of the guests right before their humans get home. 

And they are definitely sleepy then. Their humans call them lazy bones and ask why they are so tired when they were laying around all day. They have no idea that their “lazy” dog has been dancing and partying all day while they were at work. This may be happening every single time you leave the house. Or maybe your dog is just lazy. You should take them for a nice run around the block or on a trip to the dog park. Hey, if they are really partying all day while you work, just be glad they clean up after themselves. 

Consider a title that represents a sleepy dog; for example, Nukkua is Finnish for sleep, and is a unique name for your special pup. For a feisty dog who sometimes gets sleepy, consider Siesta!

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