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So the new pup you got is a gem of a dog. Worth it's weight in gold, in fact. So maybe a jewel inspired name will  perfectly suit your fur baby. There are lots of unique, distinguished names that fall into this category and some cute, funny ones as well. Besides, jewelry is the perfect accessory to compliment your style and so is your four-footed friend. So if your dog is a real gem, why not give him  the perfect jewel inspired name? After all, he does have a heart of gold..

Jewel Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Jewel Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Naming your dog is both fun and serious. The number of names you can select from is overwhelming. You've done well, though. You've decided to give your dog a jewel inspired name so you've already eliminated 90% of the names which really helps narrow it down. Now you need help from your dog to decide on the perfect one for him. Is he big? Little? Black? White? Is he full of flash or more laid back? These are all clues to naming your dog. 

You want the name to be easy to say and easy to understand. Short, clipped sounds make the best dogs names because dogs can remember and recognized one or two syllable words more easily. 

You might even want to stand at the back door and holler the names your thinking of a few times. Which one is most comfortable, rolls off the tongue most naturally, and won't be embarrassing to holler at the dog park?

Picking a name for your dog should be fun but in the end, you need to choose a name you love and that your dog responds to. It's the first step in training your dog and the first of many bonding experiences you'll share.

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