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For fans of comic books and alternate history, it gets little better than Watchmen. Despite not being classic superheroes complete with myriad superpowers and endless drives for doing good, those who graced the ranks of Watchmen and their predecessors, Minutemen, were far more complex and more realistic, as their personalities and backgrounds individually balanced good and evil, trauma and true heroics, making them classic anti-heroes. Because of it, the series developed a cult following that eventually helped it make an appearance on the silver screen. And thanks to the genius of Alan Moore, its primary writer, the Watchmen world is rife with unique and interesting characters from which to derive a plethora of themed dog names. 

Watchmen Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Watchmen Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Coming up with the perfect Watchmen inspired dog name is no easy task, but with the right approach and a little preparation, it won’t be as painful as some of the characters’ backstories. For starters, we suggest first putting together a list of your dog’s most prominent traits, from their looks to their quirks and personality to work off of. 

Of course, it can be as easy as just naming them after your favorite character. But if you’re looking for a bit more depth, try matching them up with a character who shares similar traits. For instance, if they happen to have a unique color pattern on their face or body, Rorschach, Walter or Kovacs would all be a great names. If they happen to look like they have a thick mustache, are always beaming like a smiley face or make noises that sound like they’re laughing, then the names Comedian, Edward, Morgan or Blake would all be perfectly suitable. Any blue-colored dog would be just as suitable with the names Manhattan, Doc or Osterman. 

There are plenty of ways you can go, from backstories to looks and beyond, so be thorough in your examination of potential fits. If you need further inspiration, don’t hesitate to pick up the comics or re-watch the film. 

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