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The Portuguese Water Dog is an ancient breed of dog, originating from the coast of Portugal.  This breed of dog is great in water and was initially used to aid fisherman, and they are excellent swimmers.  In 1297, a monk wrote of a dying sailor who was rescued by a black coated dog with rough hair and he was referring to the Portuguese Water Dog.  If you are bringing a Portuguese Water Dog into your home and need to choose a name, this guide is perfect for you.  Choosing the right name is so important, because our pets often become our family and we need them to have a fitting name that will suit them forever.  Read on for name inspiration!

Portuguese Water Dog Names in Pop Culture

Portuguese Water Dog Name Considerations

When considering a name for your new Portuguese Water Dog, you should choose carefully.  Write down a list of names that you feel drawn to.  You can go back to your list later to see which one you prefer. There are considerations you can make when choosing a name for your pooch, for example, you could choose a name inspired by its Portuguese heritage. For example you might be inspired by Vasco Bensaude and name your pooch Vasco.

You might feel inspired by the Obama dogs and name your pooch Sunny or Bo.  Maybe Ted Kennedy’s companions Splash and Cappy have your attention, or perhaps it's Girelle, the Portuguese Water Dog model. Ocean inspired names are also a possibility with this pooch, as they are water dogs. Names like Pearl, Nemo, Sailor or Skipper could be a suitable choice.  Color is also another option to consider as the Portuguese Water Dog is often seen in black, white and brown.  Names like Jett, Rusty and Cloud are great names inspired by color. You could also be inspired by the Portuguese Water Dog’s wavy coat and choose names like Shaggy, Curly or Frizzy. For more name inspiration, check out the lists below. 

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Community Dog's With Portuguese Water Dog Names

Buster's name story for Portuguese Water Dog Names
Portuguese Water Dog
Easton, MO

Looked it up online

Penelope's name story for Portuguese Water Dog Names
Golden Retriever
Detroit, MI


Fisher's name story for Portuguese Water Dog Names
Portuguese Water Dog
Appleton, WI

likes to swim dive and play this is the perfect name for your dog so give it a heart

Mack's name story for Portuguese Water Dog Names
Portuguese Water Dog
Belle Mead, NJ

My youngest sister came up with the name, simply because she liked it.

Leo's name story for Portuguese Water Dog Names
Portuguese Water Dog
New York, NY
funny very well behaved

I had an idea for that name and my family liked it and it really fit the puppy

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