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Picking a theme for your dog's name can be subtle and might already fit a family theme.  In the 1980s, parents jumped at the chance to name their newborn babies a "J" name, like Jason, John, Jennifer, and Jessica.  The number of "J" name babies soared.  Like "J" names in the 1980s, named ending in "n" are on the rise. Many families are choosing fun baby names, like Addison, Dixon, and Hayden, so why not maintain the theme and give the family dog a name ending in "n" as well.  This theme is subtle, yet demonstrates family solidarity.

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Dog Names Ending in 'n' Considerations

Today, there are many popular and unique names ending in "n" that might fit a newly adopted puppy or dog.  However, many dog owners like to deviate from the people names and get creative with descriptive names that fit their dog's look or personality.  If a descriptive dog name is something you would like to consider for your dog, you can take into account your puppy's color, size, and breed; or the projected features of your dog as they grow into adulthood.  Names like Cotton, Aspen, Lemon, and Fawn are color specific while names like Bean, Zeppelin, and Tycoon have strong size connotations associated with the names.  

You will not know for sure what your dog's personality will ultimately become, but you might be able to project or even take an educated guess based on the first few days with your new dog.  Some dog owners who want to give their new friend a name ending in "n" may look to nature as well.  While many nature-inspired words end in "n" and are color specific, some are just fun and easy to give any dog.  Names like Acorn, Thorn, Glen, and Cairn are not color specific.  Finally, there are no rules that say you cannot give your dog a "people" name, like Mason, Owen, Lillian, or Lincoln.

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