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Dallas, Texas is the ninth largest metropolitan city in the United States, and the city has a culture all its own. Dallas continues to grow in population, and it is one of the most prominent transportation hubs in the Southern United States. Dallas has been the home to Native American tribes, and it has a heavy Spanish influence as well. With the advent of transcontinental railway lines, Dallas became a trade center. Dallas is also well-known for the once-popular soap opera of the same name; the fictional series told the story of the Ewing family, oil barons with humble beginnings. Dallas is also home to an impressive art district, which, along with the ever-vigilant economy of the city, has made Dallas a city which is always growing.

Dallas Dog Names in Pop Culture

Dallas Dog Name Considerations

Dallas is the home of diversity. From its Native American heritage to its current population (which includes Asians, Muslims, and Hispanic individuals, among others), Dallas is a very complex city. Due to the multiculturalism of the city, any dog of any breed will find itself suited to a Dallas dog name. 

Just like everything else in Texas, size matters! The adage "Everything is Bigger in Texas" comes to mind. Big homes, big ranches, big vehicles - all of these things are often commonplace in Dallas, Texas. Considering this, some of the larger breeds might find a Dallas dog name appropriate. Some of the largest dog breeds are the Great Dane, all varieties of Mastiffs, and the Saint Bernard. 

By contrast, many Dallas natives enjoy small dogs that can be fretted over; such as a Yorkie or a Maltese. Designer dogs such as the Maltipoo also fit into this category. Names such as Little Bit or Daisy are fitting of this popular type of dog. 

Some researchers have found that most of the names of dogs around the Dallas-Fort Worth area reflect the interests of the citizens therein. This means that names relating to local sports figures (and some celebrities in general) and generally sports-related names are quite popular. Of course, the Dallas Cowboys is the local NFL football team. Names such as Jerry, Zeke, or Dak are popular Dallas-area names. These names also fit any breed of dog. 

Finally, some fans of the once-popular night-time soap opera Dallas may choose a name that reflects a love of the show. For a mischievous dog, the name J.R. might just be appropriate. Whatever breed of pup you have, a name that is Dallas-inspired will make him or her stand out from the rest!

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Community Dogs With Dallas Names

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