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Of all of the creatures found in world mythology and fantasy stories, dragons tend to stand out among their peers. There's just something undeniably fascinating about dragons; be it their supernatural abilities such as flying or breathing fire, their benign, scaly appearances, or their innate association with all things magical, dragons have an allure to them that has remained unmatched by any other fantastic beast for centuries. Symbolically, dragons have become synonymous with power, royalty, and greatness. From a narrative perspective, dragons are often employed as a final test of a hero's mettle. Best of all, there are many dragons in mythological and fantasy stories with exotic names that you can give to your dog in order to pay homage to them.

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Dragon Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Why give your dog a dragon inspired name? To be honest, it'd probably be harder trying to convince a person that they shouldn't due to how fascinating and eloquent most dragon inspired names are; Fafnir for instance, the legendary gold-hoarding dragon from Norse mythology, has a Dwarven name due to the fact that he was actually born as a Dwarven prince before eventually taking on the form we all know and fear. Alduin the World Eater from the critically acclaimed Elder Scrolls series of role-playing video games has a deceptively eloquent sounding name; while the name Alduin may roll right off the tongue, each of the three syllables that make up the World Eater's name actually mean "Destroyer, Devour, Master" in the Draconic language of Dovahzul . 

The history behind most dragon inspired names is also why you should consider giving your pet a Draconic name; often times, the names of various dragons are pulled directly from whichever part of the world that Dragon hails from, real or fictional. Drogon from the enormously popular Game of Thrones series has a name that was taken directly from Khal Drogo, the former lover of Daenerys Targaryen. As such, Drogon' s name is of Dothraki origin, just like his namesake.

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