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Employed by the circus from time to time, the Toy Fox Terrier is a highly intelligent and often entertaining breed. He is an energetic little fellow, although he is better suited for the indoors than his fellow Terrier, the Jack Russell. He is believed to be descended from the Smooth Fox Terrier. The Toy Fox Terrier has been used as a ratter, and he has also been known to pursue squirrels as well as other small game. He is easily trainable, and he makes a great companion. Even with all his energy, he is good in a variety of households - from those with small children to seniors.

Toy Fox Terrier Dog Names in Pop Culture

Toy Fox Terrier Dog Name Considerations

In order to find just the right name for your Toy Fox Terrier, one should consider the appearance and personality of the pup. The Toy Fox Terrier is, well, quite small. Certainly, names like Tiny, Chico, Peanut, and Pixie are quite fitting of a toy breed. Next, consider the coat color of the Toy Fox Terrier. Often, the most common coat color pattern is the tri-color, which is predominantly white with black and tan usually on the face and the back. However, there are some variations that are all white, or white and tan. A female with all-white coloring could be called Lily, as in the white flower. A male all-white might be called Powder. A white and tan colored pup, particularly if there is a great deal of tan in the coat, might be referred to as Coco. 

The personality of the Toy Fox Terrier is known as vibrant, loyal, energetic, and very intelligent. Names like Duke, Earl, and Rex illustrate the nobility and loyalty of the breed. Princess and Duchess are great female alternatives that do the same. Blaze and Bullet are great names for depicting the high energy level of the Toy Fox Terrier. Regardless of your motivations for choosing a name for your Toy Fox Terrier, this breed will charm you and entertain you with their ceaseless antics. 

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