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The dark Victorian tale known as Wuthering Heights wasn't always as critically acclaimed as it is in this day and age. When it was first published in 1847, Emily Brontë was 29. She died the following year, making this her only novel. She did live long enough to see the controversy that the novel sparked, however. 

At the time, the depictions of mental and physical cruelty were unusual, and challenged the Victorian ideas regarding social classes, gender inequality, and morality. Readers were dumbfounded, unsure of how to best understand the material, causing a bit of a rift in society. No wonder Charlotte Brontë, her sister, wrote a preface and republished it later, with the intention of helping it become more understood.

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Wuthering Heights Dog Name Considerations

Wuthering Heights is an interesting story, not just because of its era, and how it defied expectations of the time, as well as those of females, it's interesting because it focuses on the dark side of human nature, and even dabbles in the supernatural. It's about grief, vengeance, and the broodiest perception of life any man could possibly have. But at its core, above anything else, it's really about rejection, and the inability to accept the hand that life sometimes hands you.

So, why name your dog after this novel? Because it's the perfect dark, Victorian novel. It challenged the ideals of its time, and is surprisingly relatable in this day and age. Even if none of us are as intense as Heathcliff, it's safe to say everyone goes through painstaking rejection or breakups. And it's always a difficult thing to grasp, leading to a period of isolation and depression. If you're the brooding type, and you want your dog's name to match, then this is the dog naming guide for you. Just remember to consider the dog in all of this. Things like the dog's breed, size, appearance, and gender are good starting points. Pay attention to personality and preferences a well.

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